Your Website Needs a Redesign


Is your website starting to look a little dated? As new technologies and design trends continue to evolve so should your website. When we feel that our competitors are getting the edge over us we tend to redesign our websites in order to maintain a fresh image and attract more visitors. But we often end up asking ourselves: To redesign or not to redesign?

Here are some factors to consider when thinking about redesigning your website.

Make sure that a redesign is your only option

Redesign a site from scratch is an expensive endeavor so make sure its your only options.

Ask Why?

Asking yourself why you might want to redesign can help you identify problems with your current site and goals that you would like to accomplish. You think that the navigation structure of your site is too complicated, or that the background is too busy and distracting your visitors form the content.

Be creative

Web trends have evolved considerably over the last 10 years. Long gone are the days when sites were made of simple html pages, now there are many ways to present content. Decide whether you want a tab interface, content slider, or items that display when the user takes action as all can help improve the overall structure of your site as well as engage your visitors.

Think ahead

Remember the day you commissioned your first website. It was probably a static HTML website, remember how annoying it was to have to call your designer or agency every time you needed to make an update? Well nowadays new technologies are putting the power back in the hands of content creators. Make sure that when you’re ready to redesign you consider your website’s manageability and scalability. There are excellent content management systems that can aid you with this task, so do your homework and choose one that will fit your needs.

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